PowerPak+ High Capacity Portable Charger


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PowerPak+ High Capacity Portable Charger

Geeks can be a forgetful bunch, but we always need our devices. Sometimes we just neglect the fact that their batteries generally need to be charged in order for them to work. That’s one reason we carried an iGeek Portable Charger with us everywhere… but we didn’t realize it could get better. Enter the PowerPak+ High Capacity Portable Charger with a charge capacity of 13500 mAh with dual 5V output – one at 1 amp and one at 2 amp, conveniently labeled in case you forget which device goes where. The power button has an LED below that tells you when the PowerPak’s charge is below 30% (red), between 30%-60% (blue), or over 60% (green). When it runs out of juice, plug it up using any micro USB wall cable (which you probably already have for the many devices you’re going to use the PowerPak to recharge). Compatible with*: All iPhones (inc. iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C, iPhone 4s / 4, iPhone 3GS / 3G, Original) All iPads (inc. 4th gen iPad, Mini, 3rd gen iPad, iPad 2, original) All iPods Most Android Devices (inc. Samsung Galaxy 4, HTC One, Galaxy Note) Most Blackberry & Windows Phone Devices Other Stuff (inc. Kindle, Nook, GoPro, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and other devices that charge by USB) * Some may require you to have a special cable, which probably came with your device. Product Specifications Huge battery carries backup capacity for your phone 6 times over Great for gadgetaholics, travelers, and families who have lots of devices to charge Capacity: 13500 mAh Output: 5V at 1 amp and 5V at 2 amp – charge a tablet and phone simultaneously Materials: Lithium Ion Polymer Battery, rubberized case Input: Micro USB Dimensions: 4.9″ x 2.7″ x 1.1″ Weight: 10 oz. Includes: NT135T PowerPak+ battery pack (13500mAh) Standard Micro-USB Charge Cable (to charge the device or your phone, but not both simultaneously) User Manual Note: does not include a USB-to-outlet adapter.


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