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How many years in a row are you going to give your mom the exact same gift? For God Sakes she gave birth to you and you can’t even take the time to get her a new fun, unique gift that she will really love? Luckily Blind Surprise has done the research for you! Here are some unique gift ideas that mom will love. Surprise mom with a new idea this year!

1. The High Resolution Digital Photo Frame– This frame is perfect for your mom to keep in any room of the house! Mom won’t have to pick which picture of which child or family member to put in the frame because all of her favorite pictures will fit in this one. The framevvalso contains a motion censor so it turns off when you leave the room!

Digital Frame 3

2. Personalized Soaps & Towel Set– Nothing screams “I really put some thought into this” like a monogrammed gift. This personalized soap and towel set is a practical gift that Mom will actually use and will appreciate the detail put into it!
Monogrammed soap

3. Tipsy Wine Glasses– Add a little humor to the life of your wine-loving mom. These tipsy glasses will put a smile on your moms face every time she uses them!
Tipsy Wine Glasses

4. The Kindle Fire HDX– This gift can be from the whole family! If your mom loves to read, play games, and watch movies, this is a great gift for a mom on the go! Think about how much time moms spend waiting on their kids- in the carpool line, at soccer practice- provide mom with some entertainment with the Kindle Fire HDX!


5. Blind Surprise!– Still don’t know what to get mom? Blind Surprise is the perfect gift for every Mom! Fill out Mom’s interests and Blind Surprise will send her 1, 3, or 6 months of Blind Surprises in the mail. Use Coupon code mom for 11% off your Mother’s Day Order!
Surprise Gift

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