“Once you create your own definition of ‘perfect,’ you begin to gain confidence, and with that confidence, the power to accomplish your dreams is limitless” -Alexa Carlin

What is your definition of perfect? Is it tall? Is it skinny? Is it being a professional athlete or getting accepted to Harvard?

Maybe perfect is staring you in the face every day and you don’t even realize it. Alexa Carlin, Founder and President of Hello Perfect, is here to show you that perfect may be closer than you think. Hello Perfect is “a movement empowering a community of people to redefine perfection and accomplish their dreams.”

The movement behind Hello Perfect asks people to create their own definition of perfect and to eliminate the perception of perfect that has been pushed by societal pressures and norms. It is this unattainable definition of perfect that energized Alexa to create this movement in the first place. Alexa explains on her site that, “when I was younger, I always struggled to find my place, I hated that I was the only one with big, puffy hair and I felt like I need to change my style, my ideas and my goals so that I could fit in.”

It wasn’t until her junior year of high school when Alexa ran for student body president against two seniors and she was elected that she realized the power of believing in herself and following her own dreams. In June 2011 Alexa decided that she wanted to share her empowerment with others via her own movement and thus Hello Perfect was born. Alexa explains, “Hello Perfect began as an idea for a book I wanted to write my sophomore year of high school, it evolved into a website and has grown exceptionally since then and I believe the success has really come from my willingness to change.”

Today if you look at the Hello Perfect site, hundreds of people have redefined the word Perfect. “PERFECT is far from standard, PERFECT is when you pause for a moment in the middle of your day and smile because you’re just happy, PERFECT is flawed.”

Alexa admits that her biggest challenge in getting people to commit to their own definition of perfect is getting them to forget about the media’s negative images and perceptions of what society has determined is “perfect”. Everyone struggles with how they view themselves, “take a moment to look deep inside of you. Who are you? Who do you want to become? The answers to these questions have nothing to do with a physical body or any external factors,” says Alexa.

Hello Perfect is in the process of expanding beyond the World Wide Web, by creating events in select cites and seeking out ambassadors who are interested in hosting Dreamcatcher walls in their towns, and Alexa is personally booking speaking engagements for organizations who are interested in sharing the Hello Perfect Message.

The Hello Perfect Movement was recently at New York Fashion week. On one of the nights, Alexa found herself inside a Marc Jacobs store where she actually met the designer in person. “ I was stunned,” says Alexa, “ I took the opportunity to quickly explain to Marc Jacobs about Hello Perfect and to get his definition of perfect.” Alexa figured she would quickly exit the store as hundreds of people were trying to speak with the famous designer, but before she left, Marc Jacobs stopped Alexa and pushed up his shirt sleeve to show her a tattoo. “ I was amazed, Marc Jacobs had the word perfect tattooed on the inside of his arm, this is a moment that I will never forget!” After all, this is what it’s all about, right?

Visit Hello Perfect to share your definition of perfection and help empower a community!

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