The 2014 Winter Olympics Are Upon Us: Here Are 8 Sochi Facts that you Probably Don’t Know!


The Winter Games start in less than 24 hours; the games officially begin tomorrow February 6th and it is expected to be a beautiful day in Sochi with sunny skies and a high of 44 degrees. This will be the first time that the Winter Games have been hosted in Russia. We plan on spending the next few weeks watching the Olympics and I’m sure you do too. Check out these eight things that you probably don’t know about the Winter Games:

  • 1. There are only 15 sports in the Winter Olympics; the Summer Games have a total of 41 sports
  • 2.Twelve new events will debut in Sochi including women’s ski jumping
  • 3. Sochi will be hosting the most costly Olympics in history, at an estimated $51 billion. In comparison, the last Winter Games, held in Vancouver, were $8 billion
  • 4. There are 3 mascots for the Winter Olympics (voted on by the Russians): polar bear, hare, leopard. 
    5. There are 37,000 security officers deployed for the games
  • 6. BMW designed the bobsled for the USA Team
  • 7. Norway has won the most winter medals (303)
  • 8. The Winter Games have been hosted in the United States 4 times, twice of which were in Lake Placid, NY

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